SmartLight - Break the boredom

SmartLight - Break the boredom

The festive season is the time when all the big names in online shopping start offering discounts. The reality of these discounts can be a question, though. The discounts are exciting for the shoppers. Excitement to the extent that people who do not intend to shop, also indulge in doing so. This is known as impulsive buying. I'm bitten by the impulsive buying virus. The virus is most active when it comes to technology and gadgets.

During this sale season, all that I was doing was window shopping. No plans of buying a definitive product, just a casual browsing. I bumped across a simple LED from a known brand - Syska. What caught my attention was the mention of the word Smartlight along with the LED.

flipkart page

This was the first time I had come across a Smartlight LED bulb by Syska. A quick check for the bulb confirmed the product was genuine. After a round of checks on the other online sites for the best price, I picked it up for Rs. 899 from Flipkart while the MRP (and the current pricing is Rs. 1999). This felt like a bargain to experiment and experience a smartlight. The other high-end smartlight option - Philips Hue is expensive for the impulsive buying.

How it works

First thing with Smartlight LED was to check if it worked with regular bulb holders and it did. Smartlight LED uses a simple two pin to holding in the holder, the traditional ones.

boxed view

bulb pins view

The first step after getting the bulb was to download the app. The app for Syska LED is available for both iOS and Android, sorry Windows Phone users. Smartlight LED uses the Bluetooth connectivity with the phone for control. The range to control the bulb depends on the Bluetooth range (approximately 10-20mtrs). This range varies due to other radio interferences as well.

Setup & App

To begin the setup of the Syska smartlight LED, download the app first. It's available on both the Android Play Store and iOS App Store. Searching for the app results in too many similar looking options. The LED package has the QR Code, which links to the official app. This makes it quick and easy to download the right app.

Once you launch the app, it prompts to enable the Bluetooth (if not already turned ON). Bluetooth is the medium for the phone to talk to the smartlight LED. It's simple to connect with the smartlight. Though the app looks ugly and there is definitely a lot of scope for improvement.

Smartlight supports 3 million colours as per the print on the product page and packaging. To switch colours on the smartlight app uses interactive ways. These include games, scenes mode and choosing colour via camera. The Android version of the app also enables the notification mode for the phone. Once enabled, the smartlight acts as a notification LED when you get a call or an SMS on your phone. iOS does not have this available. App also allows to turn On/Off the smartlight, making sure easy without needing the effort to use the physical switch button.

Smartlight LED can be arranged in a group of 5 bulbs and controlled together via the app. Good option to light up the whole living room and enjoy the colours.

app screens


Smartlight LED has definitely had a warm welcome in the home. The kids enjoy changing the light colour. Switching it to their favourite colour and even start dancing putting it in the blinker mode. Smartlight has broken the long time barrier of white and yellow coloured lighting set for a long time now. The brightness level of the smartlight is highest when set to white. The app

This is a practical way to brighten up the room from the dull setup of the legacy bulbs or even the original LEDs.


Smartlight LED from Syska is definitely worth the experience. The hindrance is the cost, its expensive at the MRP. If it wasn't for the discounted pricing I couldn't have convinced myself. Now that it's bought, I'm for one enjoying it along with the kids.

I'd really like to see the integration of the smartlight with Pebble and other wearables. It would take it to the next level of making smartlight more portable and quick action.

This is an exciting product you must try. Keep looking at the online stores for any discounts on this and buy it. You'd not be disappointed.

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