Project Phishing

Project Phishing is an attempt to create a database of messages used by various groups to scam people through fake messages in India and other locations.

Project Phishing

What is phishing?

Phishing is a technique of trying to gather personal information using deceptive messaging via SMS, messengers, e-mails, and websites. These are spam messages disguised as legitimate. To compare in reality, these are fakes of the originals.

To make it more clear, remember the message that said, Get Free Gifts from Amazon by clicking here or the more recent one about visiting a banks website to claim earned points, even when you never had an account with this bank.


Impact of Phishing

Phishing is one of the methods used by cybercriminals to gather personally identifiable information, banking details, and passwords. Access to this information may result in financial losses or identity theft.

In case you or someone you know receives phishing message - Do Not Visit The Link. It is dangerous.

Identify Phishing Messages

Millions of these phishing messages are circulated through various channels every day. Watch out for these common trick messages the cybercriminals send to lure you into clicking the links:

  • Claim gifts
  • Claim your free points on your credit card
  • Your account was attempted to be hacked, visit this website to reclaim your account
  • Your gift is waiting for you, click here to share your details and delivery address
  • Get free items from XYZ by visiting this link
  • Claim your winning lottery
  • Change your bank account password immediately

The URL or the Website addresses of the phishing messages are always deceptive. Look carefully at the name of the website. A bank would not operate a website, or a shopping website would not use the name

Check the name right before the .com .in .org .net etc.

What should you do?

Phishing messages may reach your inbox at times since the current systems are not smart enough to identify these. In case you come across a phishing message, follow these preventive measures to avoid identity or financial theft

  • Do not click on the link provided
  • Never forward the messages that claim to reward your for forwarding, someone may become the victim
  • Visit the official website of the bank or services to ascertain the authenticity of the message/email
  • Never reveal any personal information on links accessed via forwarded messages
  • If your contact forwards a message, ensure to inform them of the impact of phishing messages

What is Project Phishing?

Project Phishing is an effort to create a national database of these phishing messages that we receive multiple times through various channels every day. The collected information can then be used for awareness, the validity of links and attempt to take legal action against people/groups involved.

The of Project Phishing is to make the internet safe for everyone.

Need your help!

Project Phishing needs your support in two ways:

  1. By sharing details of these phishing messages through this Google Form
  2. Spreading the word across and circulating the Google Form to your social media and groups.

Let's together make the Internet Safe!