Why I ditched my Pebble Time?

Why I ditched my Pebble Time?

I can officially be called as crazy for Pebble. Pebble Time Steel is the 4th Pebble in my watch stand (actually my drawer). The collection includes the OG Pebble Red (faulty with no vibration), the replacement OG Pebble Red (thanks to #Pebble for no charge replacement), the Pebble Time White (Kickstarter edition) and this Pebble Time Steel Black (Kickstarter edition).

The Kickstarter edition of Time Steel was actually a steal since this was accompanied with both the bands - leather and the steel for the price of one band. Mine arrived only with the leather one, though, while the steel band arrives later due to production challenges.

The PTS (Pebble Time Steel) is the Pebble Time in a steel casing. PTS also has a thinner bezel, but the display size is the same. The display is much sharper compared to the Pebble Time. PTS comes with a promise of 10 days battery backup in the same Pebble Time'd frame.

PTS and Pebble Time are treated as different segments. This definitely was proved with the packaging material. Pebble Time came in a regular cardboard and foam box while the PTS arrived in a premium packaging. The picture speaks a thousand words.

PTS packaging was even inspired by Apple's marketing strategy. The included transparent stickers were only seen from Apple till now. The sticker soon found a real estate on my MacBook lid.

Pebble Time Steel vs. Pebble Time?

PTS is definitely one of the best-looking Pebbles in my collection. Pebble Time won my heart with the colour e-ink display, PTS won it over with its crisper and sharper display. The content and images on PTS under the sun got better looks. I've sported the Original Pebble (check my Pebble review) for more than 1.5 years.

I have worn it all the times, whether at work or play. Pebble Time took my wrist away from the original pebble. The same wrist was then taken away by the PTS Black and this is here to stay. Thanks to the formal looks and leather band, PTS looks good at work and with casual Friday dressing too.

Pebble might be looked down upon, for not being a touch screen enabled smartwatch. To me, it's a blessing in disguise. This means no accidental touch issues. The bezel on Pebble holds the control buttons, four of them. The tactile buttons on PTS feel more smooth and natural when compared to both original pebble and pebble time.

I've been really happy with the battery life on the Pebble's. This has been mostly the reason why I'm stuck with Pebbles' too. The original pebble and pebble time easily lasted between 5-6 days. PTS is a beast, it went on for the whole 7-8 days on active mode (connected to the phone via bluetooth) and additional 1.5 days on standby mode (just functioning as a digital watch).

The formal along with casual looks, sharp display, better buttons and extra long battery backup have made PTS my everyday smartwatch.

Where it lacks?

The first challenge with the PTS is keeping the bezel safe from the scars. The paint job on the bezel is prone to wear out. This wearing out can also happen by bumping the watch during daily wear. I've to be really cautious and careful not to dump it.

The other challenge (can be overcome) is the durability of the included bands under water. The silicone band on both original pebble and pebble time made it safe for occasional shower or even under extensive water activities. This is not possible with PTS. The leather band has lost its looks in just 1.5 months of wearing it daily.

The good thing is the standard size of bands used by pebble throughout its range. Thankfully any after market band will work with it.


PTS is one of the best smartwatch in the market. It delivers as per Pebble commitment, of being the extension of your smartphone and not its replacement. It gives head on head competition to the other smartwatches from both Android and iOS.

PTS stands out in its product range from Pebble for carrying the sharp colour display and longer battery life.

Shame that Pebble is still not selling in India directly. One can place an online order at the official website - www.pebble.com. The order will be charged for shipping and also an additional import duty for getting them delivered to India.