Huawei P20 Lites’ got the iOS skills!

Huawei P20 Lite has got some iOS features packed. Enable Mini Screen view and Quick Search for making the phone easy and quick to use.

Huawei P20 Lites’ got the iOS skills!

Back in 2016, iPhone 6S joined the gadget family, this was the first iOS device used, but not the first Apple device. iOS felt new and bit complicated back then. The thought of surviving on a single button (that too for going back to Home) felt like a nightmare for an Android guy.

Things changed over time, and iOS felt more friendly, secure and stable, in comparison to the Android. Six months ago when the Nexus 6P died, the Jelly was the only Android known. iOS took over from secondary to the primary role.
Early this month, my better half lost her Nextbit Robin, and the task of hunting a new phone was on. The only category accepted was Android, iOS was out of the question altogether. After a going through lots and lots of devices, reading reviews, scrolling through Reddit and even asking people around for first-hand user experiences. Decent features, specs and the right price lead to the Huawei P20 Lite was ordered.

Huawei P20 Lite runs on EMUI, a custom version of Android. It packs a few slick tricks up its sleeve that matches to the iOS style. If you've read the blog on Android vs. iOS, a couple of these made iOS stand out.

Accessing the top corners

iOS packs this neat feature is accessible via the gesture on the Home button. Double tap (touch) the Home button and the whole screen would shrink to half. Allowing easy access to the top corners of the screen. The feature comes handy to navigate in apps or even going back to the previous application.

P20 Lites' approach

Swipe Left or Right gesture on the Navigation buttons. The screen would shrink to one hand convenient size in either direction. If you are holding the phone in left hand, the swipe to the left will bring the screen towards the left, and if keeping it on the right side, it would be right aligned.

Steps to enable

  • Goto Settings
  • Then to Select Assistance
  • Select One-handed  UI
  • Select  Mini screen view
  • Turn the option On

Once activated, swiping left or right on the Navigation buttons shall enable the Mini Screen view on the same side of the swipe direction.

In the initial days of getting to know iOS, the major challenge was to make phone calls to contacts. The Phone app would require multiple steps:

  • Opening the Phone app
  • Selecting the Contacts option
  • Searching the contact
  • Selecting the Contact
  • Pressing the Dial button to finally make that call

Post publishing the blog, a friend at work mentioned about the Quick Search feature. By making the Swipe Down gesture on the Home screen, a Quick Search screen got presented. The search would find Contacts, Messages, and Apps on the iPhone quickly. The search presented a direct option to call or message the contact directly. After this, the Quick Search is the most used feature on iOS.

P20 Lites' approach

The same swipe down gesture on the P20 Lite enables the Quick Search. The search allows for accessing Contacts, Messages, and Apps. No more searching through Contacts or looking for specific message content or even searching the app through multiple pages of the app screens. The feature comes pre-enabled into the UI and hence does not require to be manually turned on.

Steps to use Quick Search
To access Quick search feature, swipe down on the home screen will bring up the search screen overlay. Search for any text, contacts or even to launch the apps.


The features may not be huge, but definitely takes the ease of navigation and usability of Android to the next level, the level set by Apple iOS. Thanks to EMUI version to enable these. If you are using a Huawei phone model, try these and share your experiences in the comments section along with the phone model number.
Huawei has been biased to bring these features to specific models like P20 Lite and not sharing it with their sister brand Honor devices. The Honor 7X was missing these features when tried. Looks like both are running different branches of the EMUI skin by Huawei. People using Honor series should definitely give a shout to Huawei to enable these basic features allowing them to use the phones with easy.

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