Mr. Phone - Search your next phone, Compare'em and More...

Mr. Phone - Search your next phone, Compare'em and More...

Remember GSM Arena, the first website when getting a new phone. It was even a respite to compare your phone with your friend's. On the computer, it was easy pie to get the information on GSM Arena. Switch to your mobile browser and it gets complicated. Here is one app for Android- Mr. Phone - Search and Compare, it brings ease to view specs of your next phone. Not only specs, Mr. Phone has you covered with a side-by-side comparison. It compares the specs/features of two devices and helps make the decision simple.

Mr. Phone has more goodies than just search and compares specs of phones/tablets. The search and compare results display the images of the device as well for visual pleasure. The information is present in an eye candy format. This is easy to understand and interpret. The layout has sections for Phone info; Display; Camera; Hardware; Battery; Technology; Connectivity; Availability and Price. The information page saved in a picture format for later reference. There is a share menu to forward the details from within the app. When you share the information, the recipient gets a link to the app from Play Store. After installing the app, the shared device specifications open up.

Image of search result

The comparison result puts the section headers into display icons. This is a small yet a visual treat for the users.

Image of comparison search

Crazy about the new phones coming to the market, Mr. Phone has you covered. There is a section dedicated for New Releases. The layout of the section is simple with the name of devices along with their images. Select the device from the list, and along with the specifications you can even read the related stories for the device on the interweb. The app has a separate section on Stories as well. This section is a news pages for devices. It enables access to stories on the devices — new and existing for quick access. It enables access to all device related news on the internet - text and videos.

Mr. Phone has a bit of analytics running in the backend. There is a section for Popular devices people are viewing. The good thing about the whole app is the User Interface. It follows the same design principle throughout.

The next feature is something I'm a fan - Events. I follow events for device launches, you'd know if you follow me on Twitter. Events section lists down upcoming and recent events. This is only the listing of the events. I'd have loved to have the actual link to stream the launch event.

image of the events section

Mr. Phone allows setting up Notifications and provide proactive updates. These notifications come up with device related news/stories for new launches. Tapping on the notification opens the app and brings up the specifications page of the device.

notification pop-up


Past few weeks of using Mr. Phone has been a pleasant experience. Access to the device information is well laid out. Uniform Layout across the app makes it convenient to browse the app. The comparison option aside, Events section for me is a big hit, yet it misses few fine points. There are various criteria to Filter the devices. This is useful when you know what you want in your next device but not sure of the brands.

CONs: First, Mr. Phone needs to come to iOS devices soon. The next area that needs attention is the sharing of information to someone else. I'd rather have an option to download the app while viewing the content. Currently, it requires to download/install the app to view the shared information.


Mr. Phone is a great app. While the experience has been good so far, there are few enhancements I'd love to see.

  • Events sections need to be interactive. Rather than just plain text along with the date of the event. The addition of notifications for selected event will be welcomed. Links to streaming the launch events directly will be a nice add-on
  • For devices that have been existing, inclusion of links to their reviews - text and video will be helpful

Give it a try, download from Play Store.

Sign Off!!!