MOFT - The minimal laptop stand

MOFT - The minimal laptop stand

Laptop stands have been in the market for long years. These stands certainly make using the laptop on desk's very comfortable along with ensuring ergonomic posture of the user.

After having used a laptop stand, the biggest challenge with the existing one was the bulk and volume when it came to mobility. The conventional laptop stands were equivalent in bulk to a laptop, this meant to carry around two laptops when moving around.

At the beginning of the year, a Kickstarter project - MOFT, caught the attention of after watching the video from UnboxTherapy.

MOFT promised to be an invisible, non-bulky, and mobile laptop stand. Not to forget the always available feature. However, it felt MOFT use the flexible material, raising the doubts of it being stable.

MOFT claims to be reusable when you switch laptops, while that claim would need to be explicitly tested. MOFT also makes the product available in different colors, mainly similar to the MacBook color range like Space Grey, Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, and Jean Grey

The project looked promising and worth backing for a small price of $19 inclusive of shipping.

The project was successfully funded and was delivered in the promised duration as well. When it arrived, the package looked dubious and questionable to whether MOFT will be able to deliver the promises it made during the Kickstart campaign.

Unboxing and Setup

Video of the unboxing and setup of MOFT on the MacBook Pro 15" model.


MOFT delivers on the promise of keeping the laptop stand invisible, non-bulky, and always available. MOFT did not become a hindrance while tucking in the MacBook Pro in the existing laptop sleeve. Even when MOFT uses flexible material, the stand is very stable when in use.

The magnets to hold MOFT against the laptop when not in use does a good job. Though it could have been a little stronger. Hence, when the laptop is shaken with a small force, the stand unfolds.

MOFT is a good buy and recommended, however, sadly, it is not meant for all the laptop models. Due to the stick-on design, MOFT can only be used with laptops with vents, not on the bottom. It means MOFT is compatible with all the MacBooks, iPads and Chromebooks, while the mileage may vary for other models depending on the location of the vents and docking ports.

Update: MOFT now supports laptop models with bottom vents. Check out the Universal version

MOFT - Universal Version with support for bottom vents


MOFT has kept its promise and is undoubtedly a welcome change from the conventional bulky laptop stands. It does offer ease of mobility along with stability when working for long hours. Not to forget the health benefits of using an appropriate angle laptop stand.

Post the successful Kickstarter campaign, MOFT is now available for more laptop models. Even for ones with bottom vents and more designs to match your style.

MOFT Art Collection

As noticed from many backers comments during the Kickstarter campaign, there are many fake products similar to MOFT available through various online stores. So if you plan to order one for yourself or to gift'em to someone close, order from

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