dbrand - own your device

dbrand - own your device

Gone are the days when the looks mattered. Talking about the phones these days, looks of the cases matter. A smartphone case is like a necessary accessory to the new phones. Today as a consumer we tend to buy a phone case even before the phones arrive, for the online purchases. These case designs are also the reason for the leak of the next flagship models from Apple, Samsung or a LG.

A phone cover or a case is definitely first to protect and then becomes a reason to decorate them. There are many look to these covers and cases. These have finishings ranging from matte to the bling-ing shiny stones.

nexus5 in a case

The new way to protect your devices is here, known as the skins. These are heavy duty stickers. The skins are heavy duty. These are you for protection against minor scuffs and scratches.

I decided to give dbrand, a popular skin brand a try. This came after I started noticing the Nexus 5 and OnePlus One starting to show signs of wearing out. Both these devices are more than 2 years old. Both the phones are great in performance and run the latest Android versions - Marshmallow.

The shopping

dbrand had already attracted me towards trying on their products. Thanks to tons of users on the internet with their positive reviews, I got convinced. The whole saga finally materialised when dbrand offered 30% sale. Free shipment tracking (which was chargeable otherwise) was the icing on the cake.

I went shopping, to customise my Nexus 5, OnePlus One, Nexus 6P and Pebble Time (the price of $1 convinced me).

dbrand does not have the monopoly with skins. Slickwraps is another popular brand as well. Another brand is Skinnova, a product of Gadgetshieldz. The thing about dbrand that makes it stand out is the choice of customisations. The skins are available in choice of colours, textures and allows to mix n match as well vis a vis Slickwraps.

The textures range from carbon fibre to leather (remember the Samsung Note 4) to metallic finish. The patterns vary with each texture. It allows you to customise the looks with mix 'n' match of both the colours and textures for a single device. This level of personalisation is not made available by others. Allows users to choose different skins for back, front and frame. Few devices have the options for customising the logos too. The Nexus logo on Nexus 5 and Nexus 6P can be picked up separately. The choices include full Nexus logo, "X" only, google coloured "X" or no Nexus show off.

While it all started for the phones, the skins today are available for wide range of other devices as well. You can now select skins for smartwatches, laptops, gaming devices and headphones.

The package & How to apply?

The skins arrived all together. All in a single plastic pouch with an extra dbrand cardboard for marketing.

the package

The application of the skin was simple and the official How to apply video was quite helpful. Keep in mind, the application of the skin does need a hair-dryer. Many users would think, it's not necessary. As a personal experience, I'd recommend using it for best results.

The skins use the 3M adhesive, which is easy to remove. Another quality of the 3M adhesive is the no residual glue marks or remains.

Final outcome and Experience

After a little bit of struggle aligning the skin, the final outcome was great. dbrand helped me get a new look for my ageing Nexus 5 and OnePlus One. Somehow, the great aluminium back of my Nexus 6P made me stay away from dbrand. I enjoy the feel of Nexus 6P, even though the skin would take away the slippery-ness, but still stays naked.


dbrand, material is of great quality and the cuts are quite precise. The texture of the carbon fibre definitely feels great in hands. Now I'm rest assured leaving my device on the desk or any other surface would leave no marks on the phone.

all devices

I'd recommend you to try the skins and break away from the bulky cases or phone covers. Choose the texture and colour you like and enjoy the new looks of the device.

PS: This blog is in no way sponsored by dbrand, the expense toward the skin is completely personal and so is the review.

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