Google Chromecast vs Amazon Fire TV Stick

Google Chromecast vs Amazon Fire TV Stick


There has been lot of queries from friends and family about both - Google Chromecast & Amazon Fire TV Stick. This blog will try to answer their queries and help make the right choice.

Google announced Chromecast in June 2013. Ever since it has been the hottest selling Google hardware, thanks to the utility and the price point of $35 (INR x). Chromecast was the solution to the challenge of streaming content on big screens (read TV). It turned the dumb HDMI enabled TV to more interactive one and saved thousands (in INR).

Amazon Fire TV Stick took the whole experience from Chromecast to another level. The Fire TV stick is a little expensive than the Chromecast; yet, justifies the difference. Fire TV Stick solved 2 problems that arise from using the Google product. Fire TV Stick comes with a remote to manage the streaming and allows installing of 3rd party apps. These are options that Chromecast lacks.


Google launched Chromecast to bring streaming content from the mobile device to the HDMI supporting  TV. Chromecast made the TV smart. After connecting the dongle to the TV users may stream content from apps on mobile phone. Users were now able to view YouTube or Netflix, and other apps content on the TV.

Amazon followed the lead by Google and launched the Fire TV Stick in 2014. The primary purpose of the Fire TV Stick was to allow the Amazon Prime users to stream the content. The Fire TV Stick's USP was to search and stream the content as a standalone device. Fire TV Stick runs independent of the mobile phone or laptop. The package includes a Remote Control to help in searching and browsing the content. Additionally, Fire TV Stick allows user to install applications on the onboard storage. The application categories include streaming, games, and browsers.


Google Chromecast vs. Amazon Fire TV Stick


Google Chromecast has been in use since the day of launch without any regrets. It still makes it convenient when streaming content from Google apps. Chromecast handles the screen casting of mobile phone/laptop screen on the TV with ease.

Amazon Fire TV Stick arrived about 8 months ago, it has helped in completely replacing the DTH services. While relying on Fire TV for all media content has its own challenges, but those have ironed out over time.


If you are in the market to upgrade your age-old LED TVs to a Smart TV or even an Android TV, both Chromecast and Fire TV Stick are a good choice. Smart TVs are still pricey and have similar functionalities as offered by both these.

Make your choice wisely, and hope this comparison helps in that decision making.

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