My Top 10 Android apps

My Top 10 Android apps

Smartphones and tablets are becoming the most integral part of our lives today. More and more apps are being launched everyday, however we only use a handful of those that help us stay productive and entertained. I thought to blog about my Top 10 apps, essentially for the Android (still couldn't make up my mind to spend on iOS yet). These are my most frequently used apps everyday.


1. Authy (Android & iOS) - Authy is a nice compliment for 2-Step Authentication support. I've been using it for Google, Facebook and Dropbox. 2-Step Authentication adds another level of security to your username/password. Once enabled, the login to access your account requires an extra dynamic code. In case, visit my earlier blog for more details on 2-Step Authentication. My favourite features of Authy are:

a. many account setup
b. multi-device support
c. password protected
d. frequent reminder for Master Password, to avoid forgetting it


2. Cerberus (Android) - Most definitely the 2nd app that's gets installed on my Android devices. To my knowledge this is the most advance & feature oriented anti-theft app on the Play Store. Few of its features are still not available on any other platform. Check out my review of Cerberus app. My favourite features of Cerberus are:

a. one account - many device tracking
b. allows access via SMS commands for tracking
c. captures photo using the front camera, if incorrect security password is input
d. allows to setup security password via web based tool

Google Apps

3. Google Apps (Android & iOS) -

a. Drive: allows me to manage all family's important documents. The access to the folders are even extended to the family members. We can now immediately share any document via email.
b. Inbox: more feature filled to access my emails on the gmail accounts. Prefer it more than the Gmail app on Android. Allows auto filtering of the mails based on the content.
c. Keep: my go to notes taking app. Syncs my short notes along with lists on all my Android devices. Keep can be access via the browser too.
d. Maps: Google Maps is amazing tool for the travellers. Recent update to maps enabled offline download of areas. This helps faster loading times and access to traffic info. This helps in times when the data network is not available.
e. YouTube: the most used app from the Google bouquet of apps. YouTube has been my go to knowledge gathering place. It's always said a Picture says a thousand words... (add-on) a video says more than a million words :)


4. Chromecast (Android & iOS) - One of the most important app on my device. This is the companion app for the Chromecast device I own. I love the Chromecast, and have owned it since the day Google launched it. It is a device which should be in every household. I feel Chromecast is way better than spending the money on super expensive Smart TVs. These have only few extra features than casting but cost way more. If you wish you to know more about Chromecast, check my blog. My favourite features of the Chromecast are:

a. allows casting of my phone screen without any cables
b. allows streaming of YouTube & Netflix
c. allows playing games using your phone as a controller
d. enables me to stream photos & videos on the TV for everyone's viewing at home


5. Monospace Writer (Android) - Monospace, is a recent addition to the app list on my device. Monospace, helps with blogging on the go. There are many notepad kind of applications like Evernote and Keep etc. Features that makes it stand out are:

a. markup formatting
b. minimalistic app
c. cloud backup of files via Dropbox
d. support for light and dark theme


6. Pebble Time (Android & iOS) - The name says it all for - Pebble Time. This a companion app for the Pebble smartwatches. This is essential for the communication between the phone and Pebble smartwatch(s) I own. A single application, now manages the settings of Classic Pebble, Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel. Reasons why I like Pebble Time app are:

a. must to manage my Pebble smartwatches
b. allows to setup watchfaces and apps
c. pushes the notifications from phone to Pebble on my wrist


7. SHAREit (Android & iOS) - SHAREit utilizes the WiFi Direct feature of the smartphones. The app allows sharing of data and content between two devices. It achieves this via direct one-2-one connection over WiFi. The benefits of using this method over bluetooth and infrared are:

a. fast transfer rates
b. large range between connected devices
c. cross-platform transfer of data
d. support large file size transfers


8. Pushbullet (Android & iOS) - Pushbullet is a blessing in disguise. It enables seamless web browsing between many devices. I've already done an extensive review of the app before - Pushbullet. My favourite features of the app are:

a. multiple devices support
b. allows sharing of files, url or text with friends
c. works as a bookmarking tool
d. allows notification sync between devices


9. Telegram (Android & iOS) - Telegram is a young messenger in the market. The short span on the self is definitely challenging. Even with all the older apps (considering the user base) around, it is currently the most feature full messenger. I rate Telegram higher, than WhatApp or Google Hangouts (2 of the other messengers that I'm forced to use). The only short coming of Telegram is - less users. Yet, I've been doing my bit of free marketing, by telling others about it's benefits of use. Here are my reasons to continue to use Telegram:

a. allows to create groups with 1000 members
b. cloud storage of media and instant access on new device
c. allows ease of using computer for messaging - via native application or through browsers
d. allows sharing of large size files of any type (1.5GB)


10. Uber (Android & iOS) - It is recently, that Uber got some space on the app drawer. This has been my go to app for radio taxi. Uber primarily operates over the app only. This app works to book the taxi, to connect with customer support and also to give feedback. The reasons why I prefer Uber over other services:

a. native Pebble watchapp support for tracking and booking
b. wifi access in taxis (for certain category)
c. quick access of nearby taxi, no option to book for future date and time
d. the customer support is fantastic by Uber and has resolved any of my queries faster than others

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