A technology addict, an Apple Mac fan but a non-iOS user, looking for opportunities to explore new and latest devices. Always running on the bleeding edge by being on Beta version or in Developer mode for all possible Operating Systems from laptop to phones to smartwatch etc. to test and understand its future potential.

Keep a hawks eye over the new startups at and for latest ideas and concepts. A proud first batch owner of the Myo, the gesture based armband for controlling devices action through arm movements.

Ever-ready to extend help and advice related to what gadgets to buy, ranging from smartphones to laptops and from TV models to even sound systems. Always ready to accept the challenges thrown by the users of technology, solving them patiently and not bragging about it.

A budding photographer, who uses entry level Nikon DSLR powered by a hacked firmware and rooted Nexus 5 along with a flagship killer OnePlus One phone. And I shoot in RAW. Enjoy street photography, especially capturing portraits of people for a personal collection called 'People, I've shot'.

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